About me

Nick Sijmen born and raised in Hoofddorp a city near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of 15 he started performing as a MC.
Soon he wanted more than only being a MC, so he started as a DJ. From that moment on, he practiced for hours and hours and couldn’t get enough of it.
His skills improved really fast and his friends became real enthusiastic too, they told Nick to do more with his talent, so he decided to sign up for many DJ contests. Every single time he joined a contest, he won!
At the end of 2009 he signed up for a dj contest again, this time for Dutch DJ talent of the year. He got nominated and won the Dutch DJ talent of the year by one of the biggest, well known radio stations in Holland; SlamFM.
From that moment on, he knew he wanted to be a professional DJ.
During the winter season of 2010, 2011 and 2012 he started the year touring through all the popular ski spots, playing in big clubs.
He did over 25 gigs in 8 weeks in 2 different countries.
He played in clubs like:

Fledermaus (Bischofshofen, Austria)
Cin-Cin (Gerlos,Austria)
Country Club (Gerlos Austria)
Little london (Gerlos ,Austria)
Local Sound Club (Villagh, Austria)
Club Sunrise (Zell am see,Austria)
Le Monde (Val Thorens, France)
Veronica Café (Val Thorens, France)
Bar 360 (Val Thorens,France)
When he came back from his tour, Nick performed at many sold out party’s in Holland like:
Intiem Festival Indoor and Outdoor(Limburg)

In the summer of 2010 he made his debut in Bali, Indonesia. He played in Club Double 6 and Hard Rock Hotel during Club Nights.
In 2011 and 2012 he continued his trip in Bali and this time he also toured to more islands of Indonesia and played in big clubs like:

Déjà vu (Bali)
Eikon (Bali)
Macaroni (Bali)
SkyGarden (Bali)
ViAiPi (Bali)
PentHouse Club (Surabaya)
BlowFish (Jakarta)
Domain (Jakarta)
Entrance Music temple (Medan)

In 2013 he decided to stay for a long term, playing everywhere throughout Indonesia but based in Bali, Nick flew from city to city to perform in all the big clubs. Leaving a trail of total madness in every club!

From that time on he started DJ’ing in Kuta’s biggest nightclub SkyGarden. He rocked the dancefloor and didn’t stay unnoticed!
Skygarden offered him to play as a resident DJ. An offer he couldn’t refuse!
Ever since, Nick plays in Sky Garden every weekend for more than 3000 party people!
With his passion for good music supported by a great audience he creates this unbreakable bond with the crowd. The result is undeniable, Nick Sijmen is a charismatic, talented and authentic DJ: he has that gift, the feeling and the sound and is he is here to stay around! Watch out for this guy!